More Than Spreadsheet Features

Using EnterpriseSheet, you can easily create your complex, useful and powerful spreadsheet. It provides a better organized and secure tool to render your raw data in your own way.

Spreadsheet functions

  • Editing and formatting cells.
  • Add conditions, validations, and formats to the data range.
  • Supports different kinds of FORMULAS
  • Support group, freeze, split, auto-fill, sort and filter.
  • Supports cross sheet reference.
  • Create pie, bar, column chart and Sparklines.
  • Handle your large data.
  • Supports a list of function hotkeys.
  • Import from csv, xlsx file and export as xlsx files.
  • Multiple worksheet support

Define your column data type

EnterpriseSheet is more than a sheet in the surface. It is a relational database underneath your tables. You can define different kinds of column data type.

  • Long text, number, date, email, phone, URL, currency, percent format
  • Checkbox, radio button, dropdown list
  • Custom defined dropdown list
  • Attachment files or images
  • And more condition for your column
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Talk to your data

EnterpriseSheet allows you to talk with your existing data in different ways. Each cell, row, column can talk directly to your existing database.

  • Talk to your data with dropdown list.
  • Link cell to your defined popup window with event listener.
  • Define variable to the cell and bind your data.
  • Add your customized calculate function.

Customize your data with APIs

EnterpriseSheet provides a list of APIs which allow you to manager your data in your own way. It includes:

  • A list of event listener.
  • Data management APIs.
  • Sheet, tab, cell manipulate APIs.
  • And more ...
APIs details